Portable Air Compressor Repairs: Avoid Buying A Bad One

A portable air compressor is perhaps one of the most useful tool anyone can have. It can be used in a variety of task such as home improvement projects, inflating bicycle tires, and many others. But, if there is one problem that people would often try to avoid, it’s the fact that it is not easy to maintain one and most of them do not really last for a long time.

When problems happen, there would be a need for air compressor repairs. This is why choosing the best kind that will be worth your money and provide the best service for a long time is a must. Basically, there are two types of portable air compressor. One is made with cast iron cylinders or aluminum cylinders. These two have their own advantages and disadvantages. One is maintenance free while the other may require a little bit of work.

Air Compressor Repairs: Worthy of your Money?

Maintenance Free Compressors

If you are looking around for an air compressor then you might have noticed different models being advertised that are a lot cheaper and do not seem to require oil. The majority of them can be found in a local hardware store. This type of compressor is advertised as “maintenance free” or oil free. And this one looks really tempting. Although this one may seem great on the surface, it’s more important to dig deeper and find out what is it that you are really looking for.

Cheap Aluminum Cylinders

If you see in this one being advertised, the price may look pretty good to you. This one is made with aluminum cylinder and there is no need to worry about adding oil or messy maintenance. But there is one problem with this type. The majority of consumer reviews reveal that they do not last for a long time and there can even be a problem with the compressor itself. This means that it can cost money whenever it needs repair.

The Solution

Portable air compressors that are made with cast cylinders need oil and tend to be more expensive than the aluminum counterpart. But such type can last longer and have lesser mechanical issues. On the other hand, if price is an issue for you, then you can opt for aluminum-based type of compressor. But if you will be using one for heavy duty work and want one that can last a long time, a cast iron portable air compressor is the best.

Indeed, choosing one is never easy. But being able to choose the best one will be very beneficial in order to avoid unnecessary air compressor repairs. This will help you save money and you won’t have to waste your effort jumping from one option to the next.


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