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Tips for Installing Downlight LED

When in the market for some lights, downlight LED is among the most common ones that you will see. If you are considering it, make sure to put into consideration the current fittings you have in your home or office where this light will be installed. Then you have to buy lights for those fittings. For example, if you currently have a GU10 lighting fitting in your house, then you can opt for LED downlights that are designed for it.

Some of the most popular fittings would include GU10, B22, E27, and MR16. If you are not sure of which one to get, you can take a few pictures of your fittings then search online to know what types of fittings they are and look for LEDs accordingly. As soon as you have it, you can consider the tips below during installation.

Use a LED Transformer

There are some types of lights that will require transformers while other would not, depending on the setup of the wiring in a building. Households that often have a 240v AC current are usually not compatible with most appliances sold online and will need a transformer. Generally, an MR16 light would run on a 12V DC and will require a transformer if used in a 240V system.

On the other hand, a B22, GU10, and E27 downlight LED that operates on a 240V AC current will not be needing a transformer if the 240V electrical setup exists. Thus, before buying LEDs it would be best to check how the wiring system in the household has been set up so you know which transformers and fittings you need to have.

Use a Dimmer Switch

If you will be using a dimmer during installation of your downlights, then you should purchase lights that are compatible with the dimmer. You also need to have a special type of dimmer that is specifically designed to work with LED lighting since a traditional dimmer will not be compatible with the latest light. In most cases, companies that sell LED downlight would have a list of recommended dimmers or all compatible dimmers that will help you find the right one.

Soldering LED Downlights

When soldering LED lights to the fixture, they should be at least 3 mm from the base of the resin. Aside from this, it should be free of any mechanical force and be sure that they are not heating up to avoid possible injuries and damages to the property. With the right set of tools, you will be able to measure heat, as well as the current that runs through the lights to make sure that it does not cause damage.

All Wires should be Insulated

After you have done the needed installation, be sure to check all connections and wires to guarantee that they are all insulated. This is because LED lights tend to be very sensitive to sparking and heat both of which could damage them. Thus, one final check should always be done before you screw everything back and use your lighting.

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Mistakes People Make When Taking HRT

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a revolutionary medical approach, which has been quite beneficial for men suffering from low testosterone. However, many people are still skeptical about it because of what they hear from other people’s negative experience of the therapy. This is because most of these people are taking the treatment incorrectly, who are usually doing self-medication or without the supervision of a doctor. Awareness is the key to reaping the benefits of HRT. Learn from the mistakes made by people taking the therapy, as they seriously affect their quality of life.

Using “Street” Testosterone Products

One of the most common mistakes of people taking HRT is by using “street sources” of testosterone. A great number of men being refused by the doctor to take the HRT because of medical reasons would go to other sources of testosterone supplements. They usually buy from the black market or some person at the gym. This is definitely illegal because testosterone has been assigned to Schedule III under the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990, making it a controlled substance. Testosterone is also regulated by DEA or the Drug Enforcement Agency. Therefore, it is illegal to use testosterone without doctor’s prescription.

The “street” testosterone is also not safe to use or may even be dangerous to your health. You don’t know what it contains. These so-called testosterone products sold on the black market may contain grape-seed oil, peanut oil or simply some sort of oil. Taking these “street” testosterone products can even expose you to contaminants that could cause infections, health complications, and other medical problems.

No blood work follow-up

If you are taking testosterone without checking your numbers through blood tests can surely get you to trouble. Too much testosterone is not also good for the body. If you are supplementing on testosterone for the purpose of building your muscles or improving your athletic performance even if you have normal count of testosterone in your body, then better consult a specialist.

Not using the proper dosage

Men who have on-going testosterone treatment are monitored regularly through blood tests and other medical examinations as per doctor’s instruction. This is to make sure that the testosterone level in the body is regulated and kept at normal range.

Irregular use of testosterone or stopping abruptly

Testosterone replacement therapy is usually a life-long commitment. Once you start with the treatment, you should stay on it except when you will have unmanageable side effects. Going on and off with the treatment can cause the symptoms to come back in a much more aggressive way. It can also lead to other health problems.

Having a not so testosterone-friendly lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle you have can also influence the effectivity of the treatment. Smoking cigarettes and pot, drinking alcohol, being overweight, no exercise, high blood sugar and lipids, and lack or rest and sleep can lower testosterone levels. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the balance of your body functions.


Get yourself tested first properly and always follow the advice of a medical professional. Most importantly, get your testosterone supplements from testosterone replacement therapy clinics only.

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