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Tips for Installing Downlight LED

When in the market for some lights, downlight LED is among the most common ones that you will see. If you are considering it, make sure to put into consideration the current fittings you have in your home or office where this light will be installed. Then you have to buy lights for those fittings. For example, if you currently have a GU10 lighting fitting in your house, then you can opt for LED downlights that are designed for it.

Some of the most popular fittings would include GU10, B22, E27, and MR16. If you are not sure of which one to get, you can take a few pictures of your fittings then search online to know what types of fittings they are and look for LEDs accordingly. As soon as you have it, you can consider the tips below during installation.

Use a LED Transformer

There are some types of lights that will require transformers while other would not, depending on the setup of the wiring in a building. Households that often have a 240v AC current are usually not compatible with most appliances sold online and will need a transformer. Generally, an MR16 light would run on a 12V DC and will require a transformer if used in a 240V system.

On the other hand, a B22, GU10, and E27 downlight LED that operates on a 240V AC current will not be needing a transformer if the 240V electrical setup exists. Thus, before buying LEDs it would be best to check how the wiring system in the household has been set up so you know which transformers and fittings you need to have.

Use a Dimmer Switch

If you will be using a dimmer during installation of your downlights, then you should purchase lights that are compatible with the dimmer. You also need to have a special type of dimmer that is specifically designed to work with LED lighting since a traditional dimmer will not be compatible with the latest light. In most cases, companies that sell LED downlight would have a list of recommended dimmers or all compatible dimmers that will help you find the right one.

Soldering LED Downlights

When soldering LED lights to the fixture, they should be at least 3 mm from the base of the resin. Aside from this, it should be free of any mechanical force and be sure that they are not heating up to avoid possible injuries and damages to the property. With the right set of tools, you will be able to measure heat, as well as the current that runs through the lights to make sure that it does not cause damage.

All Wires should be Insulated

After you have done the needed installation, be sure to check all connections and wires to guarantee that they are all insulated. This is because LED lights tend to be very sensitive to sparking and heat both of which could damage them. Thus, one final check should always be done before you screw everything back and use your lighting.

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Types of LED Downlight Lamps You May Want to Consider Installing

The reason such lighting has been chosen by so many today is because we are looking for ways not only to save money, but also ways to help protect the environment through reducing the amount of carbon we emit from our homes.

Any kind of LED downlight bulbs are chosen because they help to achieve such goals. Not only do these lights save as money because they use far less energy. But they are also kind to the environment because they don’t contain components inside that can release toxic gases into the air.

However people need to be aware that purchasing such lighting isn’t cheap. But then again they are using technology that is much more efficient. Then again as the number of people who choose to install such lighting in their home then people will find that the cost of purchasing such lighting will start to come down.

If you are at all interested in investing in such lighting for your home there are certain things to consider before you do. One of the first of these being what sort of LED downlight lamps you should fit. At this present there are three forms of this lighting you can install in your home and below we take a brief look at what these are.

Type 1 – Fixed LED Downlight Lamp

This is the type of lamp you should be looking to invest in if you simply want to provide illumination in a room. This type of lighting is best used in areas of your home such as the kitchen, living room or dining room. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on replacing your current downlight lamps with LED ones then these would be your best option as these are the cheapest to buy.

Type 2 – Adjustable LED Downlight Lamp

As the name suggests these types of lamps allow you to rotate them so you are able to direct the light where you want it to go. If you are looking to install LED downlight lamps that allow you to illuminate a certain area within a room these are ideal. You may want to consider using this type of light to illuminate photographs on a wall or as lighting placed underneath units to provide additional illumination over kitchen work surfaces.

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Energy Efficient Lighting- Contemporary LED Downlight

d900cl-image3-0Downlights as the names suggest means to fall their fantastic lights at downsides on the walls of the room. These lighting assists to make the room marvelous, have a vibe of extravagance and leaves the room showing up as more roomy. In a large portion of the cases, these downlights are fitted in the room at concealed spaces, at the upper ceiling or place these lights at that space which are not visible at first sight. So only the decorative portions like rim, and stylish bulbs are visible to the visitors, but not complete lighting fixtures like their spring clips which help the lights to fix into the ceiling and also save them from falling.

For giving modernize look to the room, hallway or any other area, people prefer these special downlights. In fact, the LED downlight is a very famous part of bathrooms and modular kitchens. In the modular kitchen, downlights are used for their looks and versatile purposes. They give low lighting to the kitchen which looks great and helps for finding the things, during working in the kitchen. In hotels, restaurants or pub’s, these downlights are playing the main role. Mostly in these places, they need low or dim lights to make the environment colorful and pleasant. So that most of the clients come and enjoy the lighting attraction here. Even these lights can be fitted in every corner and can be tilted wherever one want to spread these lights.

Downlights are mostly used for their superb features like energy efficient lighting. These lights come in various qualities and types. Main downlights are LED lights and Halogen lights. LED lights are energy efficient and mostly comes in voltages like 1V, 3V or 11V, etc., and halogen lights are more power consuming as compared to the LED lights but at the same time, they provide more lighting and brightness to the room than the LED.

To focus on these areas and features, Lighting HQ comes in the market and develops these amazing and luxurious lighting gifts to everybody. They provide these lights in all categories and with different designs according to the different taste of light lovers. Theses lights are great in looks and long lasting regarding quality.

Square Centre Tilt Recessed Downlight

Recessed downlights are available in a steel case which is in pressed form and makes the lighting look very attractive. Even for comfortable usage, the company manufactures these stylish lights with three heads and can tilt at 30 degrees whenever one needs. These lightings have 12V power consumption with 50W and available in white or silver colors.

Weatherproof IP44 Downlight

These downlights are the best lighting option which has the high technical feature called weatherproof. This great feature makes the lighting solid during raining season or preventive from moisture. These energy saving light’s face cover is made from cast aluminum and having steel case which is in a pressed form that gives protection to the lights from any damage. Availability of lights is in white or satin nickel color which also comes in very graceful colors for decorating a room. Even these lights consume the maximum of 50W.