led downlights

Energy Efficient Lighting- Contemporary LED Downlight

d900cl-image3-0Downlights as the names suggest means to fall their fantastic lights at downsides on the walls of the room. These lighting assists to make the room marvelous, have a vibe of extravagance and leaves the room showing up as more roomy. In a large portion of the cases, these downlights are fitted in the room at concealed spaces, at the upper ceiling or place these lights at that space which are not visible at first sight. So only the decorative portions like rim, and stylish bulbs are visible to the visitors, but not complete lighting fixtures like their spring clips which help the lights to fix into the ceiling and also save them from falling.

For giving modernize look to the room, hallway or any other area, people prefer these special downlights. In fact, the LED downlight is a very famous part of bathrooms and modular kitchens. In the modular kitchen, downlights are used for their looks and versatile purposes. They give low lighting to the kitchen which looks great and helps for finding the things, during working in the kitchen. In hotels, restaurants or pub’s, these downlights are playing the main role. Mostly in these places, they need low or dim lights to make the environment colorful and pleasant. So that most of the clients come and enjoy the lighting attraction here. Even these lights can be fitted in every corner and can be tilted wherever one want to spread these lights.

Downlights are mostly used for their superb features like energy efficient lighting. These lights come in various qualities and types. Main downlights are LED lights and Halogen lights. LED lights are energy efficient and mostly comes in voltages like 1V, 3V or 11V, etc., and halogen lights are more power consuming as compared to the LED lights but at the same time, they provide more lighting and brightness to the room than the LED.

To focus on these areas and features, Lighting HQ comes in the market and develops these amazing and luxurious lighting gifts to everybody. They provide these lights in all categories and with different designs according to the different taste of light lovers. Theses lights are great in looks and long lasting regarding quality.

Square Centre Tilt Recessed Downlight

Recessed downlights are available in a steel case which is in pressed form and makes the lighting look very attractive. Even for comfortable usage, the company manufactures these stylish lights with three heads and can tilt at 30 degrees whenever one needs. These lightings have 12V power consumption with 50W and available in white or silver colors.

Weatherproof IP44 Downlight

These downlights are the best lighting option which has the high technical feature called weatherproof. This great feature makes the lighting solid during raining season or preventive from moisture. These energy saving light’s face cover is made from cast aluminum and having steel case which is in a pressed form that gives protection to the lights from any damage. Availability of lights is in white or satin nickel color which also comes in very graceful colors for decorating a room. Even these lights consume the maximum of 50W.