Why Many People Prefer to Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obese people can greatly benefit from gastric sleeve surgery. It is also considered to less invasive procedure compared to other available options. This procedure involves a doctor removing almost 85% of the patient’s stomach and leaving what resembles a tube of sleeve. Moreover, it is done laparoscopically, which means that it needs small incisions to be made in contrast to just having one large incision.

What Happens During A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

In this procedure, the surgeon inserts a tube that is equipped with a small camera, as well as other instruments needed. As soon as it has been completed, what is left is a tube-shaped stomach that will be closed using staples.

When the patient has lost a great amount of weight, he or she may be scheduled for a secondary surgery. Undergoing this is less risky at this point than performing it at the same with a gastric sleeve. This is also known as staged approach. The time needed for the two procedures would typically be from 6-18 months after the first procedure is done.

As mentioned, the surgery is done laparoscopically, thus lesser time will be spent in the hospital. Usually, patients are only required to spend 1-2 days in the hospital. As for the recovery time, it is also shorter compared to surgeries that require larger incisions.

This is why many patients and surgeons prefer to undergo laparoscopic surgery. When it’s done, the patient can expect to experience a tender and swollen abdomen for a few days. Surgeons will be prescribing medication to help in such discomfort.

Patient’s Diet

A person who has undergone the said surgery needs to be on a liquid-only diet for two weeks after having the surgery. Right after, he or she can start eating pureed foods for another two weeks. The final step is eating solid food after the two-week period has passed.

There are a lot of patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery to lose at least 50%-80% of their excess weight during the first six months after having the surgery. Also, it has been shown that those who had the procedure showed significant improvements in high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol in the first two years after the procedure.Moreover, the surgery is considered to be a very beneficial kind of weight loss surgery. If you are among those people who think that it is the best choice for you, don’t be too quick in making a decision. Be sure to consult your doctor first and discuss important factors and to find out if you are a possible candidate for the surgery. Doing so will help you make an informed decision and you will be able to get the benefits that the surgery has to offer. As there are different types of weight loss procedures available today, it is a must to know which one is best for you and your needs. Click here to see the benefits of losing weight through surgical procedures.