What Happens When You Have Too Much Testosterone

Cases of low testosterone levels in men have received substantial attention in the recent years, but many people are not aware that having a high level of testosterone can also be unhealthy. Testosterone clinics are a great place to learn more on health conditions related to high levels of testosterone.


Consequence of Having High Testosterone

According to studies, men with levels of testosterone that are too high than normal amounts are much more likely to be at risk. Those with slightly above normal levels of testosterone were more likely to have had an injury, drink heavily, have STD, and smoke. The more the level of testosterone increase above the normal point, the more chances men would have risky behaviors. Higher than normal levels of testosterone can also affect the decision making abilities of a person.

Men with increased testosterone levels may experience other symptoms, including aggressiveness and mood swings, acne, and shrinkage of the testicles. Hair loss and lowered fertility are also observed in high testosterone men. Too high levels of testosterone left unattended over a long period can lead to an enlarged prostate as well as problems with the circulatory system.


Performance Enhancers and High Testosterone

Having high levels of testosterone can cause uncommon health problems that rarely occur naturally. High testosterone level often is the result of abusing steroids or other supplements that enhance physical built and performance, which can be very harmful. Other common risks associated with performance enhancer abuse are problems with temperament, heart risks, and the increased testosterone levels can ruin a man’s endocrine system.

The body would believe that it has enough testosterone, and so it cuts or lowers its own hormone production. This can cause numerous health problems among men, including an inability to produce naturally the normal amount of testosterone once they stop taking the performance enhancers.


Visit a Testosterone Clinic

It is recommended by health specialists that no one should take steroids or testosterone supplements except under the supervision and close care of a medical professional. If you’re worried about your testosterone levels, you should consult a specialist physician or visit a testosterone clinic that deals with testosterone replacement therapy.

With a qualified physician, a personal health profile and customized treatment plan can be tailored to your unique and individual needs. Physicians will monitor your treatment program to make sure that your testosterone levels always remain at a healthy, normal range.

Tests to determine your hormone levels is fast, simple, and non-invasive. The most common test for testosterone count is a blood test, which can determine the amount of your hormones in your body. With tests in testosterone clinics, you will know whether your hormone is at an optimum level. Whether your testosterone level is high or low, your doctor will know and advise the best treatment for your specific condition.  Check out https://lowtclinic.com.au/ for more info.